"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude."~Maya Angelou

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Father (and Mother) Time

        I find myself wondering if I have the time. Time to write a new blog. Time to bake something with my kids. Time to clean my house. Time to go grocery shopping. Then I stop and look at my children, who just a minute ago were squishy little babies, and are now a thriving and energetic combination of 41/2 and 2. Not to mention my step daughter, who was also just born yesterday, will be 7 this summer. How did the time go so quickly?

        I work part time at a preschool, a job that I adore. I have chosen to work part time there to be home with my children more, and lucky for me they will start attending the school this summer, and through the next school year. I am so blessed to be with them as much as I am. I also started my own home business, in the hopes to continue to be "at work" less and "at home" more, but not losing any income. Working from home takes time too, and that at moments has been challenging for me to figure out. You have to stay focused and driven, just like at any job, and my squishy little babies are pretty awesome motivation to keep my business thriving!

        Back to time. We all crave more of it. We are all a bit fearful of it. We all try to enjoy every moment of it. And time does fly. I am nervous my "babies" will wake up as teenagers at any moment...and what about my 17 year old nephew?  Just yesterday, I remember riding my old 10 speed down to the hospital to hold him for the first time.  Time is amazing, it is powerful, and it is limited. We all think we have all kinds of it, but the truth is time can stop for anyone at any moment. Now, don't get me wrong, I am certainly not trying to be morbid here, but I am trying to make a point. We need to stop living in a land of "THERE'S NO TIME!" Vow to yourself, today, to never say those words again. Because here's a little secret....there is always time. You get home from work, walk through the door, the kids are running around, one is having a sizable tantrum and the other is screaming for a snack and you jump right in to "get things done". Did you stop and hold your spouse and kiss them hello? Did you stop and greet each child with a smile, a hello and maybe if your lucky a hug and kiss? Or are you one of those people who say, I would have liked to but there was no time? You have to understand that there is always time. It only takes a moment or two to look someone in the eye and tell them you love them. To make a connection with your partner, and verbally or non verbally let them know you are so glad to see them. Then, feel free to change a diaper and clean up the spilled juice, while switching the laundry and slicing some cucumbers.

        My point here folks is that all of us complain, probably on a daily basis that we don't have enough time for x, y or z. We need to realize that we all have the power to make time, to prioritize what's really important. Isn't it more important to play with your kids, enjoy their bath time and snuggle them up as you tuck them into bed? Of course it is. There is time for it all. There is time for me to work out of the home, as well as in the home, be a full time mom and wife, and play with my kids. A year ago I would have sworn differently, but I 've figured it out. (Well, some of it ). Now all you have to do is stop and take the time to figure it out for yourself. :)


  1. That is a great reminder Laura! I love that I am able to work from home and be with my kids. I am going go hug them right now!

  2. Great read Laura :) You summed it all up with prioritizing, which will create the time to get things done. I take the time to kiss my husband and daughter, and after reading this have a new found joy in doing so :)) Looking forward to your next blog posting!!